IoT Vienna Termine für September 2014

Here a short list of comming IoT Events in Vienna:

* /2014-09-10: /*IoT Talks September with Special HomeAutomation*
from DIY over Open Source Project to Luxury Home

* /2014-09-16: /*IoT Workshop Getting started with Raspberry Pi*

* /2014-09-23: /*IoT Surprise Hack Robotics*

* /2014-10-10: /*Hardware Startups on Stage*
Present our awesome Startup during “Gründen in Wien” or get in contact with
great companies.

* /2014-10-14: /*IoT Workshop Beacons and Measuring with Bluetooth 4.0*

Please make your reservation. If you have made a reservation but couldn’t come
than please toogle your RSVP.

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